Resolution 04-11: CAN'T RUSH PERFECTION

Number 04-11
Description SC voting on fee increases
Authored by Jenna DeHart
Sponsored by Justin Glasgow
Date Submitted Friday, March 26, 2004
Date Considered Tuesday, November 30, 2004
General Body Vote Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Committee Student Affairs
Result Implemented
Whereas Student Congress has direct control over several fees, such as the intercollegiate athletics fee, the recreational facility fee and others; and
Whereas Student Congress can raise or lower these fees via a simple majority vote; and
Whereas In the past, departments and other groups have come to Congress, presented extensive facts and figures justifying a change in a fee and then Congress has voted at the end of the department's presentation on the fee; and
Whereas This does not give the senators enough time to review the presented information, and more importantly, to discuss the proposed fee increase with the student body; and
Whereas Student Congress would be able to better represent the student body if the senators were given some time after the original presentation and request for a fee increase to solicit input.
Be It Further Resolved That Any fee increase that requires only the approval of Student Congress be placed under new business at the meeting it is introduced and presented; and
Be It Further Resolved That No vote be taken to approve or reject the proposed fee increase until a following meeting, at which time the fee will be placed on the agenda under old business; and
Be It Further Resolved That During the intervening time between the presentation of the proposed fee and the vote on the fee, the senators distribute information about the fee and solicit input from the student body.