Number 03-06
Description provide students access to course info
Authored by Josh Warren
Sponsored by Richie Stuart
Date Submitted Monday, January 27, 2003
Date Considered Tuesday, April 15, 2003
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Academic Affairs
Result Implemented
Whereas In 1991 Student Congress passed resolution 91-10, 'Limited Course Offerings', and
Whereas This resolution called for each department to post a list of courses indicating which are not offered on a semester basis and where possible, the semesters in which the courses will be offered; and
Whereas The Psychology Department provided perfect model of how to comply with this resolution with their memo dated April 21st, 1992 to W.A. Baker, then Vice President of Academic Affairs; and
Whereas This memo listed each course offered by the department, indicating if the course was offered in the fall, the spring or irregularly; and
Whereas Many departments no longer provide this information; and
Whereas Students now can plan almost every aspect of their degree online ' the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs are online, as are course descriptions, the course schedule, grade information, etc.
Be It Further Resolved That Each department make available on their website a list of each course named in the current catalog and any new courses added since the publication of the catalog; and
Be It Further Resolved That This list indicates if the course is normally offered in the fall, spring, or summer semesters and also Maymester or Winter Session or irregularly; and
Be It Further Resolved That This list be as accurate and updated as possible, but be for informational and planning purposes only and not be considered binding upon the department; and
Be It Further Resolved That The availability of this information be advertised on the course description pages, the course catalog, course schedule, etc.