Resolution 16-08: POP, LOCK AND DROP IT

Number 16-08
Description Adding lockers in the University Center for commuter students.
Authored by Nawal Joulani
Sponsored by Pooja Mallipaddi
Tammy Huynh
Date Submitted Wednesday, February 3, 2016
Date Considered Wednesday, January 1, 1000
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Student Affairs
Result n/a
Remarks Committee felt that it is not the right time to ask library to invest in the lockers. There is a lot of construction going on in the library and that is their priority. This issue could be visited later in the future.
Whereas The University of Texas at Arlington has around 35,000 students enrolled, and this number is increasing gradually every year; and
Whereas A huge percentage of the student population is considered commuters, around 85%, which means unlike people who live on campus, they do not have a place on campus to put their stuff in; and
Whereas They have to carry their textbooks, laptops, lunches, or even sometimes change of clothes to work out in or for class presentations, all day in their heavy backpacks; and
Whereas Many students sometimes feel discouraged to bring these times to campus because they don't want to carry them around all day; and
Whereas This ultimately decreases student efficiency and involvement on campus as they become ready to go home to get rid of the heavy load.
Be It Further Resolved That The University of Texas at Arlington provides lockers for students to be rented out for the day, similar to those at amusement and water parks.