Resolution 24-05: CODE CLINIC

Number 24-05
Description The resolution asks that the university establish a computer science tutoring clinic.
Authored by Gunnika Kapoor
Sponsored by Gunnika Kapoor
Date Submitted Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Date Considered Thursday, January 1, 1970
General Body Vote Thursday, January 1, 1970
Committee Academic Affairs
Result In Research
Whereas UTA has a Math Clinic, a Physics Clinic, and a Chemistry Clinic that provide tutoring and other free resources for students studying those subjects;
Whereas No such clinic exists for students studying computer science, meaning that their only resources are their instructors, TA’s, or tutoring through the Division of Success. Students can only get help from teachers, TA's, and these tutors during their office hours and scheduled tutoring times, which are often only a couple hours per week;
Whereas Existing help clinics, in comparison, run Monday to Friday for at least five to six hours a day. Having a Computer Science Clinic would thus help students get help outside of office hours in a way that aligns with their schedule, since clinics are not only open for more hours, but provide largely increased flexibility;
Whereas Tutors at these clinics are UTA students who have already successfully completed the courses for which help is being offered. This gives them experience with the subject and insight into the student perspective on this course;
Whereas The tutors employed by the clinic would be UTA students, so this would increase the amount of job opportunities available on campus;
Whereas Having access to tutoring services and help during introductory courses can build good habits and help students understand the right way to tackle problems from the beginning.
Be It Further Resolved That The University of Texas at Arlington establish a Computer Science Tutoring Clinic covering several introductory courses for Computer Science students such as CSE 1310, CSE 1320, CSE 1325, CSE 2312, and CSE 3318.
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