Heroes for Hope

Heroic Efforts

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A squad of superheroes charges into a children’s hospital. Their steps are purposeful and determined, their smiles huge and warm. They’re not here to do battle, but to bolster others for battle. For kids fighting serious illnesses from a hospital bed, a visit from a hero can make all the difference. Beta Theta Pi’s Heroes for Hope program devotes time, energy, and money to make sure kids who need a morale boost get one. Fraternity members and friends dress as Superman, Spider Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, and an array of other characters and distribute toys and comics at area children’s hospitals. During spring break, the group brings joy to kids from Texas to Louisiana. “It’s beyond rewarding,” says senior Chris Dinh, director of the program. “The kids at the hospitals and charity events are always so excited to see their favorite superheroes.”

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  1. Shannon Lynd

    What a wonderful story!