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Inside Summer 2020


Deanna Johnston

Deanna Johnston had the help of The University of Texas at Arlington and its strong Greek community to aid her way.

Faculty Focus

Yan Xiao

Yan Xiao, a professor and patient safety specialist in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, is researching innovative interventions to reduce unsafe use of medications and provide patients and caregivers more efficient ways to manage and follow discharge instructions.

Mav Roundup

Virtual Fights Stay Virtual

The economics professor just published a new study with data from more than 15,000 adolescents that shows no link, or perhaps a negative link, between violent video games and acts of violence.

Mav Roundup

Bullet to the Top

A video created by sophomore broadcast major Cecillia Nguyen won a statewide competition sponsored by the company proposing a high-speed passenger rail system to connect Dallas and Houston.

Mav Roundup

Behind the Music

After working as a musician, producer, composer, and arranger to some of the most well-known artists in the nation, Assistant Professor Jamar Jones is now giving an insider’s look at the music industry to students working toward one of UTA’s new degrees—a BA in Music Industry Studies.

Mav Roundup

Perfect Harmony

UTA’s A Cappella Choir—the University’s premier choral ensemble—was one of only 12 choirs across the country invited to perform at the National Collegiate Choral Organization’s 2019 national conference.



Late last year, the School of Social Work expanded its global footprint with its first student/faculty study abroad course.


Dominique Lange

Interdisciplinary Studies Junior


Holly D. Gray

Photographer and sculptor

Crash Course

Museum Studies Minor

It’s a perfect bacon cheeseburger: two golden buns, the top dotted with sesame seeds, and a juicy patty topped with

Well Read

Books by Maverick Authors

Fascinating books by Maverick authors to fill your library