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Information for First-Time Freshmen

Early Admission

The Early Admission Program (EAP) at the University of Texas at Arlington is available to applicants who wish to begin their college education following their sophomore or junior year of high school. Applicants who satisfy admission requirements may enroll in university classes while being concurrently enrolled in high school. University credit is awarded for courses that are completed with grades of A, B, C, or D. The Office of the Registrar keeps official transcripts which indicate the department, course number, course title, grade and semester hours earned. Students may request an official copy of their University transcript after their first semester or summer session. International students currently enrolled in U.S. high schools are eligible for admission as EAP students.

For detailed information about program requirements, please visit the UT Arlington Honors Academy Dual Credit website.

Brittney Joseph


The Making of a Leader

Every success story has to begin somewhere. For Brittney Joseph, it began with the people she met at UT Arlington and three little letters: F - I - G.

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