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Information for Transfer Students

Transferring Credit

Transfer Equivalency Guide: Transferring from Texas Colleges and Universities

Thank you for your interest in transferring to UT Arlington.  For students transferring from Texas colleges and universities, the Texas Common Course Numbering System course matrix can serve as your roadmap for comparing the courses you have already taken to UT Arlington’s course offerings.

There are three different ways of using this system:

Searching by Institution

Searching by institution allows you to view another institution’s compatible courses. Choose the institution you are interested in reviewing from the drop down.  UT Arlington is listed as University of Texas at Arlington in the database.

Comparing Institutions

Comparing institutions allows you to select two institutions at a time to compare.  Choose the first institution (typically the school you are transferring from) in the first drop down, and the second institution (typically the school you are transferring to) in the second drop down, then click search.  The page will display the Texas Common Course Number and the course numbers from the first and second institutions you selected.

Comparing Course prefixes

Searching by prefix allows you to look for specific course offerings at Texas schools.  Select the course prefix you are interested in from the drop down.  The page will display specific courses for the Colleges and Universities that offer a comparable course.  

Additional Resources

UT Arlington has some additional resources, in addition to the Texas Common Course Numbering website.