Forbes shares NASA tool with educators to teach climate change

Friday, Sep 02, 2022

Headshot of University of Texas at Arlington employee Cory Forbes. The background shows a UTA campus sign.Dr. Cory T. Forbes, Fenton Wayne Robnett Endowed Professor of Science Education and chair of the College of Education's Department of Curriculum and Instructionintroduced a NASA climate modeling tool to high school teachers across the country during a virtual workshop this summer. 


NASA's Easy Global Climate Modeling computer model, known as EzGCM, allows students to make predictions about the future of Earth's climate by designing experiments and analyzing data through the scientific process.


“The demand from teachers for climate science curriculums is huge,” Forbes said. “Now students will be able to learn about Earth’s climate system and climate change in ways that they have never been able to before.The approach is novel and unique, as such tools are rarely, if ever, available in high school classrooms.”


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