Several BE Undergrads selected for Internships

Many internship opportunities are available in the field of Bioengineering.
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Several BE Undergrads have been selected for internships this Summer. The students are getting the opportunity to apply their education and explore different career paths. 

BME student Aishat Lawal was picked for Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research led Summer Immersion Program. This is a 10 week program of which only 20 students could join. The experience is designed to engage students in clinical, translational, and health disparities research, and inspire them to choose a career focused on research.

BME junior Evan Carey is currently a Research and Development intern at Medtronic in Fort Worth and is learning about the inner workings of a premiere medical device company. He’s getting real world experience collaborating with Research & Development engineers to improve tools used in cranial surgeries and automating testing systems to evaluate tool efficiency.

Rachel Kerstens, undergraduate student working on her BS in Biomedical Engineering program, has spent the last 6 months working in a Co-op with Abbott Laboratories and their design automation tools team. She has gotten experience working with the tools used by a major medical device company. She has also gotten experience working with an Abbott Labs systems engineer.

The real world experience gained during internships is invaluable for training our next generation of leaders in the field of biomedical engineering.