Group Campus Tours

Thank you for your interest in group campus visits at UT Arlington. Please select from the following group tour options:

Please note that there are no in-person, guided group campus tours scheduled at this time. We are offering virtual group visits and self-guided tours until further notice. 

Virtual Group Visits 

  • Groups of 10-50 students
  • Middle School, High School, and Community College students
  • Organizations such as churches, sports teams, scouting, YMCA, etc.
  • All students attending the virtual group visit must be in the 6th grade or above*
  • Mornings on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 11:00 a.m.
  • Afternoons on weekdays (Monday - Friday) at 1:30 p.m.

*At this time, we are only offering self-guided tours to groups of younger students below 6th grade.

Our free virtual group visit experience consists of an admission information session and a virtual tour led by one of our MavElite tour guides. The virtual visit lasts about an hour and gives a general overview of campus life and preparing for college. 

Self-Guided Group Campus Tours

Request a Self-Guided Group Campus Tour

For larger groups (up to 150 students), groups with younger students, or groups that cannot find an available virtual group visit time, we offer two different self-guided tour options:

  • Guidebook Tour App: The app will guide you through campus along our standard tour route, giving a detailed overview of campus life along the way. Groups selecting this option will need to bring their own devices and download the Guidebook App to access the tour.
  • Campus Tour Scavenger Hunt: This is a paper-based scavenger hunt tour option intended for younger students. The tour is intended to last approximately 45 minutes. Printed copies of the scavenger hunt will be provided for each student in the group.  

For all campus visit activities, please provide at least 10 business days advance notice.


  • Once your self guided tour or virtual group visit is confirmed, you will receive final information necessary for your group's visit or virtual visit. For questions, please contact the Group Visit Coordinator at 817-272-2937 /
  • The earlier you schedule your visit, the better!
  • Our morning time slot fills up the fastest. If you are interested in the morning virtual visit or self-guided tour, please register as soon as you can.
  • Fridays are the most popular days for virtual visits or self-guided tours. If you need a virtual visit or self-guided tour on a Friday, please schedule with us as soon as possible.

Summer 2021 

At this time are only planning on offering virtual group visits and self-guided tours through the summer. 

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