Group Tours

Group Visit

Review the requirements for each group visit option, then select a tour type from the calendar.

Scheduling Tips for Group Tours

UTA campus tours do not allow walk-ins. Tours must be scheduled one month in advance. Please plan your trip accordingly.

1. Plan Ahead!

The sooner your schedule your visit, the better! Group tours are a fun experience when planned accordingly!

2. Best Days for a Group Tour

Tours are available every day of the week. However, Fridays and morning time slots are our most popular times. If you’re interested in a Friday or morning visit, please register 3 weeks to a month in advance.

3. Group Tour Options

We offer two group tour options! On-campus self-guided group tour, or on-campus guided group tour. We're happy to help answer any guestions if you aren't sure which option is right for your group.

Self Guided Group Visits

Guide your group through campus via our mobile app guidebook!

Students taking a selfie in front of the Fine Arts Building Fountain.

Self Guided Group Tours

For groups with students below 6th grade, groups larger than 50 students (up to 150 students) or groups that must visit at a specific time. We offer two different self-guided tour options: Guidebook Tour App and Campus Tour Scavenger Hunt.

Join us in Maverick Country!

In-person Group Visits

In-person group tours are for groups with students in or above 6th grade and groups between 10-50 people. In-person group tours are led by our MavElite student tour guides.

Students and guests will learn all about the UTA campus including our academic departments, UTA traditions, scholarships, student life, housing, and more!

Lesson Plans for Group Tours

Before a school group arrives in Maverick Country, we encourage students to explore personal and academic interests. These specialized lesson plans will prepare students to discover future endeavors, ask questions and experience what it is like to be a UTA Maverick.  


Register for In-Person Group Tour
Spirit Horse in front of UTA Bookstore.