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Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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 Safe Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Unmanned aerial vehicles (quad copters, remote controlled airplanes, drones, model aircraft, etc.) are sometimes used along with support equipment, control station, data links, telemetry, communications, and navigations equipment.

Operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for recreation, hobby, education, research, commerce, or any other reason including but not limited to those related to filming, video or photography at UTA is governed by the provisions of UTA Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy CO-CS-PO-07

The university maintains airspace restrictions and FAA regulations also govern the manner and location of such flights. With the exception of law enforcement UAS operations, which must be coordinated the UTA Police Department, all use of such devices on campus is subject to formal approval by the University.

Application Process

Any person wishing to use UAS on UTA Property must submit an Operation of Unmanned Aircraft System Application. If you experience a problem accessing this form, please contact EH&S at


  • UTA Faculty, Staff and Students— not less than two (2) weeks in advance of operations
  • Individuals not affiliated to UTA— not less than three (3) weeks in advance of operations

Note: submit a separate application for each flight operation.

Required Documentation (as applicable):

  • FAA Airman Certificate or Remote Pilot Certificate; Type Certificate; Airworthiness Certificate; Certificate of Waiver; Special Authority Authorization or Public Certificate of Authorization; Controlled Airspace    Flight    Authorization; current FAA UAS Registration.
  • Certificate(s) of Insurance and/or any relevant documentation requested by the Review Board.

Review Board & Criteria:

UTA UAS Review Board shall, within five(5) Business days, review and approve or disapprove the application using the guidelines in the Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Application & Approval Procedure CO-CS-PR-08. Please note that the review timeline may be extended in extenuating circumstances.

For more information, refer to: