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Faculty Fellows Program

The Faculty Fellows program is a semester-long program for faculty interested in integrating service learning into their courses. In a series of monthly seminars, conducted both on campus and at area non-profit agencies, faculty examine the academic and institutional origins of service learning, pedagogical best practices, and possibilites of combining service learning and research.

Collegiality is one of the highlights of the Faculty Fellows experience. Faculty meet, discuss, and share in small group settings to nurture their growth in service to their community and knowledge of the process, within a mentoring environment. Through this interaction, Faculty Fellows form sustainable partnerships and supportive networks, and have opportunities to engage in collaborative, community-based research and scholarship.

2017-2018 Faculty Fellows 

Click Here for application information on our 2017-2018 Faculty Fellows Program

Fall 2018

  • David Hopman, Landscape Architecture
  • Shaun House, Philosophy
  • Michael Magnus, Advertising
  • Ericka Robinson-Freeman, Social Work
  • Loretta Pequeno-Griffin, Education/Leadership Center
  • Peggy Semingson, Education
  • Donna Davis-Livingston, Nursing
  • Erin Carlson, Kinesiology/Public Health

Spring 2018

  • Jennifer Little, Public Relations
  • Jerry Hubbard, Goolsby Academy/Business
  • Kathryn Hamilton Warren, English
  • Adrian Rodriguez, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Cornelia Winguth, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Becky Garner, Kinesiology/Public Health
  • Kiva Harper, Social Work
  • Stephanie Peebles Tavera, English 

2016-2017 Faculty Fellows

  • LaDonna Aiken, Communication
  • Ivonne Audirac, Planning & Landscape Architecture
  • Amy Austin, Modern Languages (Spanish)
  • LaShaunn Bold, Social Work
  • Denise Cauble, Nursing
  • Karishma Chatterjee, Communication
  • Thomas Dombrowsky, Nursing
  • Sergio Espinosa, Music
  • Ana Gregoria Cano, Modern Languages (Spanish)
  • James Langford, Social Work
  • Shannon Layman, Psychology
  • Alicia Soueid, Modern Languages (French)
  • Amy Speier, Anthropology
  • Adam Stein, Linguistics/English Language Institute
  • Jiyoon Yoon, Curriculum and Instruction

Please contact the Center for Service Learning office at for more information.