About Maverick Discount Program

In 2010, The University of Texas at Arlington boasted an all-time high enrollment of 33,000. Over 3,500 benefits-eligible faculty and staff work at UT Arlington. As a whole, the University provides north Texas with an economic impact of over $1 billion dollars each and every year. Included in that figure is the buying power of our students, our employees and their families.

The Maverick Discount Program at UT Arlington creates opportunities for businesses to connect with these potential customers by offering local businesses and national brands a vehicle for offering discounts on products and services to UT Arlington students, faculty, staff, UTA Retirees, UTA Alumni Member card holders, members of the Parent and Family Association.

The UT Arlington Student Government created the Maverick Discount Program in 1993. Today, Student Government partners with the Department of Human Resources and College Town UTA to strengthen and expand the program, offering the university and its business partners new tools for communicating with each other.

How it Works

Students, faculty, staff, UTA Retirees, UTA Alumni Member card holders, and Parents and Family Association members can utilize Maverick Discount Program discounts by simply showing their Maverick ID to local business participants or by using a unique UT Arlington discount code to shop online. Business participants must provide a minimum 10% discount to participate in the program, so being a Maverick also means saving on a large variety of products and services.

The Maverick Discount Program offer discounts from five different product and service categories: automotive, entertainment, personal care, restaurants, and retail. Most discounts are available to all students, faculty, staff, UTA Retirees, and parents; a few are offered only to students or only to employees. Be sure to check this website regularly to see what new discounts are available to you.

We are always looking for new businesses willing to provide discounts that meet the Maverick Discount Program criteria, will be popular with our UT Arlington community, and will benefit from reaching our customer base. Businesses who are interested in joining the program can sign up quickly and easily online.

Students, faculty, staff, UTA Retirees, alumni, and parents are also welcome to offer suggestions of businesses they'd like to see get involved. Just let us know and we will invite those businesses to join the Maverick Discount Program. Happy saving!