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Parking Changes for Fall 2021

Friday, June 18, 2021

The comprehensive list below outlines changes to Parking & Transportation at UTA for the 2021-2022 Academic Year.


  • Faculty/Staff parking demand is expected to exceed capacity in F10 due to the construction of SSW/CONHI and relocation and expansion of ADA parking into F10. As a result:
    • CPW will be reallocated from Resident East parking to Faculty/Staff parking starting August 1, 2021. With Lipscomb remaining closed, resident parking capacity will remain available in Lipscomb.
    • The Faculty/Staff Reserved spaces located in the northwest corner of F10 will be reassigned to a Reserved-Zone permit as a pilot program during the SSW/CONHI construction.   This will allow permit holders to share these spaces instead of having one reserved space per person.  The parking rate for this permit will be reduced from $825/year to $528/year.  Permits are available by joining the waitlist in the MavPark parking portal.
  • Payroll deductions for parking permits have historically been structured to be withheld over an 8-month timeframe (September-May) due to some employees only having a 9-month contract.  After further research, the vast majority of payroll deduction permit holders are on a 12-month appointment. As a result, Payroll Deductions will default to a 12-month withholding, and employees on a 9-month contract that purchase an annual permit will have double deductions withheld in March, April, and May to align with the other payroll benefit withholdings.  Payroll Services will identify those eligible for double deductions and automatically adjust the deductions.  There will be no change to semester or summer permit payroll deduction schedules.
    • Proration for faculty/staff permits will follow the active-date cycle to align the monthly payroll deductions with the date we send to Payroll.  The annual F/S permit will prorate on the 21st of each month instead of the 30th. The resulting change is a benefit to the employee, as we typically hold the permit at full price until 9/30.  The change will result in the proration decreasing on the 21st of every month.
  • During the past year, PATS upgraded the parking portal database. Several customer-service functions have been improved, including:
    • UTA departments can now send guest invitations to visitors before their visit to provide a complimentary guest parking permit for the day.  Learn more here:  This process replaced the "Department Portal".
    • New employees at UTA can receive a complimentary 7-day New Employee parking permit while their UT Share employee information syncs.  New employees or department sponsors can either visit the Parking & Transportation office on the employee's first day of work or email to request the permit.
    • The mobile pay-by-phone app has been upgraded and expanded to now include Honk Mobile and Park Mobile.  Customers and visitors can now purchase parking at a pay station or street meter by using either of these two contactless apps or paying at a pay station.
  • During the campus closure due to the pandemic, the 30-day monthly permit rates temporarily decreased to $22.75 for faculty/staff and $17.50 for students.  Starting August 21, 2021, the 30-day monthly permit will return to $80. Part-time employees will be able to purchase the $25.25/month permit.  
    • It is important to note that full-time employees and students can purchase the annual parking permit which will still prorate to the $22.75/month or $17.50/month rate and can return the permits for a prorated refund up until Spring 2022 Census Date. 
  • PATS has reintroduced the 7-day permit for all customers at $40.
  • The faculty/staff reserved parking spaces are individually numbered. These numbers have historically been sequential, but have gotten scrambled over recent years.  PATS will renumber the signs this summer to again make them sequential.  Permit holders for these spaces do not need to move to another spot. They will retain the same parking space, but the number may change.  More details will be sent to the permit holders individually.



  • Arlington RAPID, Via's self-driving autonomous transportation system, will continue to operate free for students and $3 per ride for employees through March 2022.  Riders can request an on-demand ride using the Via app.
  • Via will continue to operate the Green Shopping Route as an on-demand service. This service is free for enrolled UTA students whose email address is registered on Via.  Students are limited to four free trips per week.
  • The MavMover shuttle bus will operate two buses on Blue, Orange, and Red routes daily. Service will end at 9PM instead of 11PM.
  • The Late Night Security Escort Service will get a major update this Fall semester with the replacement of golf carts with passenger vehicles. The new service will allow the service to extend off-campus for the first time in its history.  Some private apartment communities have opted into the service, including Centennial Court and Maverick Place.
  • UTA Parking & Transportation will launch the Blue Duck Bikeshare Program in partnership with the Office of Sustainability.  Riders can rent a bike on a pay-per-use basis or purchase a monthly, semester, or annual pass.  Every new rider using an "" email address will receive $10 in free ride credit.  Blue Duck will provide 200 free helmets annually.
  • Over the past six months, PATS upgraded and expanded the electric vehicle (EV) charging stations around campus. Customers can download the Chargepoint app and purchase a charge at Wetsel (Lot 26), Park Central Garage, and the Maverick Garage.



  • Lipscomb and Center Point will be removed from service after September 1.  To support their demolition, part of the Lipscomb and Lot 55 parking lots will be protected with fencing. 
    • LOT 45 (Lipscomb) The exact count of parking spaces removed from service is not yet known. Lipscomb is anticipated to have 100 more residents parking in the lot due to the reallocation of CPW to a faculty lot. As a result, Lot 45 will revert back to Resident East permit parking only.  Student Commuter permits will no longer be allocated in the Lipscomb parking lot.
    • Lot 55 is designated for student commuters. A small section of this lot will be used for the demolition of Center Point.