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Parking Permits and Pricing

Make it Official

Forget acceptance letters or your first pay stubs. You’re not an official member of the Maverick community until you have that parking e-permit. It’s a symbol of your accomplishments: I’m here. I’ve arrived. I belong here on campus.

Okay, maybe not. But you still have to buy a parking permit if you plan to bring your vehicle to campus regularly. Lucky for you, your student or faculty/staff permit is easy to purchase. Just hop on to your MAVPark account using your Net ID and password.

Once you’re on the page, you will be able to select your e-permit. Be sure to enter the correct license plate numbers of the vehicles you want to add to your permit. Since your permit is virtual, NO DECAL will be sent nor will you need to display a physical decal. Your license plate number is your permit.  The charge for your purchase will show on your campus account within 24 hours.

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