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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of question do you have?

I can't login to MavPark (Students):

Students won’t be able to obtain a parking permit until you are enrolled in classes.  For short-term parking needs, pay the meter in the Maverick Parking garage near the Library or at a street meter located throughout campus.

When will my permit post to MyMav (Students)?

Students- Purchases made on MyMav take a few days to post. If your charges are not posted within 72 hours, email

Where can I park on campus?

To find where you can park on campus, visit our website and click the “Where Can I Park with My Permit” link located under the parking tab.

My car has temporary plates- what do I do?

If you are bringing a car with temporary plates to campus, enter the temporary plate number just as you normally would by logging into your MavPark account on our parking website. You should then update your MavPark account with the permanent plates once they arrive.

How does sharing a permit between cars work?

Each permit holder can have 3 vehicles attached to their permit. However, only one of these vehicles can be present on campus each day.  If multiple vehicles attached to the same permit are seen by the enforcement trucks on the same day, a citation will be issued to the permit holder.  Additionally, if a customer's permit is shared between multiple customers or students, a citation will be issued.


Why did I get a citation?

Take a look at your citation, look for “Violation”. The official definitions for violations can be found in the Parking Rules and Regulations.

If you still have questions about your citation, call or email the PATS Office:

817-272-3907 or

How can I pay for a parking citation?

Parking citations can be paid online at the MavPark website listed below or at the PATS Office.

I don’t think I deserve this citation, what can I do?

Parking citations can be appealed online through the listed below. There you can appeal your citation and show your side of the story using your own words and pictures if needed.

How long do I have to appeal a citation?

You have 14 calendar days (this includes weekends) to appeal a citation after the “Issue Date” of the citation. The “Issue date” is defined as the date the responsible party was first notified of the citation.

What if I am unhappy with the appeal decision?

The next step if you are unhappy with the decision of your appeal is to go before the appeals committee.  To enter into this process you need to request a committee hearing within 10 days of the first appeal notice of decision. Requests can be made to

Is there a time when the Parking Office does not give out tickets?

UTA highly values its students and faculty / staff, therefore we patrol all of campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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How do I get a parking permit?

Parking permits need to be purchased online at:

How can I pay for a parking permit?

You can either pay for your parking permit when you order it or send the charge to MyMav and pay for it there.

Do I need to purchase my parking permit online?

We would recommend that you purchase your parking permit online. If you are experiencing problems, please stop by our office and we will assist. 

Can I share a permit with a family member or friend?

No. Sharing a permit with another customer is not permitted. Each person will need a separate permit to park their respected vehicle on campus. Sometimes, multiple family members need to park on campus at the same time regularly (i.e employee-student, employee-employee, student-student relationship). In this scenario, family members should add only their one vehicle to their permit. You should not add the second vehicle driven by the other family member to your permit. 

If you have multiple vehicles on your permit and a family member is bringing the second vehicle to campus on the same day you have already parked your first vehicle on campus, the second vehicle must have a daily or hourly permit attached to it (i.e. spouse bringing lunch to an employee).

If you have questions about how best to set up permits to avoid a sharing-permit violation, please email

Where can I park with my parking permit?

Please click on either link below to find out where your parking permit is valid.

I will only be taking a couple classes, do I still need to buy a parking permit?

All cars on campus are required to have a parking permit. If you do not have a parking permit, you are at risk of a parking citation.

Where can I park without a parking permit?

All cars on campus are required to have a parking permit or need to park at a parking meter. If you do not have a parking permit of some kind, you are at risk of a parking citation. (A valid HonkMobile, ParkMobile or paid meter is considered a parking permit)

I moved off campus, can I exchange my parking permit?

Yes, permits need to be exchanged in the PATS Office. No charge will be added to your account for this transaction.

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Is parking free after 5:00 PM?

Contrary to popular belief, parking is not free after any time. All cars on campus need to have a valid parking permit to park on campus at all times.

What if I have a visitor coming to see me on campus? How can they park?

All cars parked on campus need a parking permit of some kind. Guests can stop by the UTA PATS Office for a daily, weekly or monthly parking permit or can use the HonkMobile, or ParkMobile App

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Are the busses running today?

Riders can expect the busses to run on the schedule listed below, changes to this schedule can be found in the “News and Announcements” portion of this page or on our Twitter page @UTAMAVPark

Blue Route - West Campus

Monday - Friday

7:30 am - 5:45 pm

Bus every 15 minutes

Green Route - East Campus

Monday - Friday

7:30 am – 5:50 pm

Bus every 20 minutes

Red Route (evenings)

Sunday - Thursday

7:00 pm – 10:40 pm

Bus every 20 minutes

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How do I update my license plate information?

License plates can be updated at the website listed below. The best way to update a license plate is to delete the old vehicle from your account. Now enter the same vehicle with the new license plate.

When is the last day for me to get a refund for my permit?

The last day for students to request a refund on a parking permit is the spring census date. The spring census date is different every school year so please check the UTA academic calendar to see when the census date is.

What if I am having trouble with the MavPark website and the office is closed?

If you need to park and technical problems are keeping you from purchasing a parking permit online, please use the Honk Mobile App until our office re-opens.

What do I do when I am having trouble with the MavPark Website?

Call, email or stop by the parking office and we will be happy to assist you!

Phone: 817-272-3907


Address: 710 S. Davis Dr., Arlington, TX 76013

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