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Department Portal

Parking & Transportation has created an option for departments to manage their own parking for official visitors invited to campus. These options allow departments to validate their visitor's parking.  This self-service portal allows registered departments to obtain a free parking pass for any official visitor they have a relationship with.  This is not intended for event parking. For events, please use the Special Event Request Form.  Departments can choose from the following lots noted below:

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2019-2020 Department Official Visitor Discounted Parking

Effective August 1, 2019

Department Official Visitors are considered a small group of visitors invited to campus (1-10 people).  Events with a larger attendance should request Event Parking.

General Lots Free Validations; $25 per Event
Park South Lower Level (Visitor Section) $4.00 per Validation
West Campus Garage Lower Level (Visitor Section) $4.00 per Validation
Maverick Garage 3rd & 4th Floors (Visitor Section) $8.00 Per Validation
Faculty/Staff Lots (based on availability) $6.00 Per Validation
Starting August 1, 2019, department visitors that park in the wrong location or don't validate their parking, and subsequently receive a citation can have the department pay for the citation at the full citation value. 

Validation Options Available: 1) Email Link, 2) Department Portal, 3) On-Site Kiosk, 4) Tap to Validate (coming soon)

Start your department registration form by completing the form below.