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Department Portal

Parking & Transportation offers a simple way for departments to manage their own official visitor and small-scale event parking and select their preferred parking location. Fill out the form below to request access to the Department Portal.  If you would rather have the Event Parking Coordinator set up your guest parking, visit the Special Event Request page.

New Employee Complimentary 7-Day Permit:

New employees at UTA can receive a complimentary 7-day New Employee parking permit while their UT Share employee information syncs.  New employees or department sponsors can either visit the Parking & Transportation office on the employee's first day of work or email to request the permit.


2023-2024 Department Official Visitor Discounted Parking Rates

Effective August 1, 2023

Department Official Visitors are considered a small group of visitors invited to campus (1-10 people).  Events with a larger attendance should request Event Parking.

General Lots

(At all times)

$2 per validation; $30 per Event Validation Link

Any Garage or Meter Parking  Park South Upper Levels (General Parking Section) or West Campus Garage Upper Levels (General Parking Section). Also, any Street Meter space.

(At all times)

$6.00 per Validation

Maverick Garage Lower Level  (Blue Preferred Section, 2nd Floor)

(At all times)

$14.00 per Validation

Maverick Garage 3rd & 4th Floors (Visitor Section)

(At all times)

$10.00 Per Validation

Faculty/Staff Lots (based on availability)

(Free after 5PM & Weekends)

$7.00 Per Validation

$30 per Event Validation Link

As of August 1, 2019, department visitors that park in the wrong location or don't validate their parking, and subsequently receive a citation can have the department pay for the citation at the full citation value. 


Start your department registration form by completing the form below.