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Blue Duck Bikeshare Launches at UTA

Friday, January 7, 2022

After several months of shipping delays, and in partnership with the Office of Sustainability, we are excited to return bikeshare to UTA with the launch of the Blue Duck bikeshare program. These dockless battery-assisted e-bikes will have students zooming across campus just in time for classes to start in Spring 2022.   

Students will receive the equivalent of $10 worth of free ride credit after registering if using a "" email address.  In addition, Blue Duck will be distributing 200 free helmets annually to the UTA community.

Different than recent programs, this service is dockless-- meaning you can start or end your trip at nearly 125 unique areas on campus.  99% of these areas are at existing bike racks-- so head there first to find a bike, or aim to end your trip at one.  The app will not let you end your session unless you are within a defined geofenced bike rack.  This will allow the bikes to remain safely staged in corrals instead of freely disposed of on streets, sidewalks, and trees.... yes trees.

There are several membership options to choose from, including a pay-as-you-go rate, or get a nice discount for a monthly, semester, or annual pass.

Look for an official launch party after classes return to normal operations this semester.  Until then, get ready... set... ride!