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PATS Recognized for Innovation and Excellence

Saturday, May 13, 2023

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Parking & Transportation department continues to demonstrate its commitment to serving the UTA community through its exceptional services and innovative approaches.  The department has been recognized once again for its excellence in improving service and amenities offered to the UTA community.

UTA Parking & Transportation has been honored as the Program of the Year by the Texas Parking & Transportation Association Board of Directors for the fifth time since 2018. This peer award acknowledged the department's continuous efforts in providing best-in-class services for the Late Night Security Escort service, which resulted in significant improvements, enhanced efficiencies, and exceptional service levels for the UTA community.

UTA Parking & Transportation also achieved another milestone by receiving the highly prestigious International Award of Excellence for Innovation in a Mobility, Transportation, or Parking Program, issued by the International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI). This remarkable accolade was bestowed upon the department after successfully completing 12 months of operating self-driving shuttles for students. The recognition highlights UTA's pioneering role as a leader in mobility services within the college and university industry. By embracing autonomous transportation technology, UTA has not only improved accessibility and convenience for its students but has also become a trailblazer in shaping the future of transportation in an academic setting. This international award from IPMI further solidifies UTA's reputation as an institution that constantly strives for innovation and excellence in providing cutting-edge mobility solutions to its community.

Additionally, the Texas Parking and Transportation Association awarded UTA Parking and Transportation with the Restoration Program of the Year after the LOT 45 parking lot was reconfigured and rebuilt following the removal of Lipscomb hall.  The removal supported the sustainability initiatives of The Green at College Park while improving the safety of daily users.

Greg Hladik, Executive Director of Auxiliary Services, commends the employees of the Parking & Transportation department and the network of partners across campus for their outstanding work and dedication to supporting the UTA community on a daily basis. He stated, "Our employees and partners go above and beyond every day to ensure that the UTA community has convenient and reliable transportation options. We are proud of their hard work and the Administration's support given to explore new and innovative approaches to better serve our community."

The department's commitment to excellence is further demonstrated by previous awards, such as

  • Implementation of free, self-driving shuttles for students
  • The West Campus Garage construction project which was completed in 18 months
  • Reviving the Transportation Network through improved vehicles, technology, and service levels
  • Balancing robust enforcement strategies with managing event and visitor parking needs

The department's dedication to innovation has garnered national recognition as well. The International Parking & Mobility Institute's The Parking Professional featured UTA Parking & Transportation in its March 2019 issue for the remarkable revival of the transportation system. Furthermore, Parking Today highlighted the department's pioneering use of Drones to understand parking dynamics in its August 2019 issue.  In addition, the department is working closely with UTA researchers to pave parking lots with recycled plastics to reduce the impact on the environment while increasing the durability of the parking lots.

As a testament to their consistent and pioneering work, the University of Texas at Arlington has been selected as the host site for the 2025 College Parking & Transportation Association's annual conference. This prestigious honor further reinforces UTA's position as a leader in parking and transportation services within the higher education community.

UTA Parking & Transportation department remains committed to continuously improving services and amenities for the UTA community, ensuring convenient, sustainable, and efficient transportation options for all. Their dedication to excellence and innovation sets a high standard for other institutions to follow.