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UTA Launches Parking Finder site

Monday, August 14, 2023


Welcome to UTA Parking Finder!

We're thrilled to introduce you to our cutting-edge parking solution designed for the university community. Whether you're a student, faculty member, staff, or visitor, UTA Parking Finder is here to revolutionize your parking experience.

Bookmark for Future Use: Make sure to bookmark this mobile-enabled website on your phone or desktop for quick access in the future. It's a small step that will make your parking journey even more seamless.

Plan Your Arrival: Enter your parking permit type and estimated arrival time, and let us handle the rest. Our app will provide you with a personalized list of available parking lots tailored to your permit and schedule.

Real-time Parking Occupancy: Stay informed and make strategic parking choices with our live updates on parking lot occupancy.  As of today, 39% of our parking lots are equipped with parking occupancy sensors – a number that's set to grow to 85% within the next three years.

Interactive Campus Map: Explore our comprehensive campus map, which includes the mapping and categorization of all 16,000+ parking spaces on campus. For multi-level garages, you can now click on the garage and conveniently change levels from the subsequent pop-up menu.

Destination Highlight: Planning to head to a specific building or address on campus? Simply enter your destination address or building name, and watch as our app highlights your destination and displays available parking options nearby. When coupled with the parking lot occupancy data, it's a hassle-free way to ensure you're parked as close as possible to your intended location.

Customizable Features: Tailor your parking experience with ease! Toggle the checkboxes on each menu to add or hide features that matter to you, such as ADA parking, motorcycle parking, and paid-parking options. We want to ensure your parking journey is as flexible as possible.

Continuous Improvement - Beta Phase: Please note that UTA Parking Finder is currently in its Beta phase. We're actively working to enhance your experience further. Expect exciting additions such as Predictive Occupancy, EV Charging Station availability, a Spanish version, and event parking in the near future.

A Collaborative Effort: This innovative project is a result of collaboration between the Department of Civil Engineering Researchers, Parking & Transportation, and Modii. Funding from the North Texas Council of Governments and the Tarrant Transit Alliance has made this parking solution possible.While UTA Parking Finder aims to provide accurate parking availability, always refer to on-site signage for the latest information. We're excited to have you on board as we shape the future of parking at UTA. Best Regards, The UTA Parking Finder Team