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Celebrating Excellence: UTA's 2023 Outstanding Maverick Award for Customer Service Team

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Image of Helen Shelden, Danita Roland, Deborah Tate, Todd Smith, and Linda Gloria

We are proud to announce that the UTA Parking and Transportation Customer Service Team, comprising Deborah Tate, Helen Shelden, Todd Smith, Rosalinda Gloria, and Danita Roland, has been honored with the 2023 Outstanding Maverick Award for Customer Service.

In an environment where parking issues often lead to heightened emotions, our customer service team has excelled in transforming these moments into opportunities for positive engagement and education about our new and innovative parking solutions. These include Daily Upgrades, the AI-enabled Parking Finder App, recycled plastic lots, expanded self-driving shuttles, and an improved safety escort service.

Handling an astounding 6,594 calls, 8,869 walk-ins, 27,769 citation appeals, and thousands more emails this past year, the team consistently used these interactions as platforms to diffuse tensions and educate the campus community. Their approach went beyond merely providing information; they skillfully utilized key data about our initiatives to turn inquiries into opportunities for education and engagement. Each interaction was a chance to inform and reassure, often converting a neutral experience into a positive one.

The team's presence at every New Maverick Orientation and Activity Fair was pivotal in sharing these initiatives with students. By proactively sharing information, they significantly reduced confusion and fostered a more welcoming and efficient campus environment.

The team's strategy of using data points and innovative product knowledge to promote satisfaction has been transformative. They have not only mastered the art of customer service under pressure but have also played a crucial role in enhancing the perception and effectiveness of our parking services.

This exceptional blend of empathy, efficiency, and educational outreach makes our customer service team the ideal candidates for the Outstanding Maverick Award. Their efforts have not just resolved issues but have also significantly contributed to a more informed, engaged, and satisfied campus community.

Please join us in recognizing the excellent service this team provides to the campus community by celebrating their much-deserved recognition.