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First Days of Semester Parking Info

Monday, January 8, 2024

Welcome (back) to campus!  We are excited to see you soon.  The start of each semester is always an exciting time, as well as a time of full parking lots and higher-than-normal traffic.  This Spring 2024 is no different as this year has been the busiest campus has been since 2019-2020!

Launch of UTA Parking FInder App

Check the real-time and predicted future occupancy of over 60% of our parking lots on the new UTA Parking Finder app! This app tells you where you can park with your permit and you can view current and future occupancy if you click on the lot.  

  • Review the UTA Parking Finder before leaving for campus to gain an understanding of your available parking locations.


  • If you are arriving before 10 a.m. daily, you will find parking without delay. Just follow the guidance of UTA PD or the Parking Ambassadors. Pay attention to our digital traffic signs as they will be updated with real-time traffic information throughout the day.
  • If you are arriving after 10 a.m., consider the following "Guaranteed Parking" areas where you will find available parking without delay:
    • Faculty/Staff- LOT F6 and LOT 38
    • Student Commuters- Lots along Greek Row behind Arbor Oaks, University Village, and Meadow Run apartments.

Students, new and returning, will quickly find their ideal parking location, but the first two weeks of each semester can be challenging.  Use the app to understand how our student parking lots fill throughout the morning, and allow the app to guide you to quick, easy, and convenient parking based on when you will arrive to campus.  It is important for students driving in to find the student parking lots and avoid faculty/staff parking areas.  Each parking lot has an entrance sign that describes which permit(s) can park at that location. 

If you have not purchased your parking permit, click the button below:

Link to log into MavPark


Campus Construction:

Second, the campus is undergoing considerable growth. Check out the Pardon Our Progress website for an overview of campus construction projects that will impact your commute and walk to class.

UTA Blvd Water Line Replacement

The City of Arlington is replacing a water line along UTA Blvd that will restrict traffic to one westbound lane only. This will impact residents trying to park near West Hall and Timber Brook, as well as student commuters trying to park in the West Campus Garage. Follow the on-site signage to navigate this area.