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Solar Eclipse Parking FAQ's

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

What are the expectations for traffic and parking on April 8?

Normal conditions are expected until 9 a.m., but as the eclipse activities start at 11 a.m., parking will quickly become scarce, peaking between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. Following the eclipse, simultaneous departures will significantly congest local roads, affecting students attending classes that afternoon and evening.

Will there be any extra traffic control/regulation on the day?

Additional traffic control measures, including wayfinding signage and updates to the UTA Parking Finder app, will be implemented to ease navigation. Construction near Mitchell/Doug Russell and West Street will also affect traffic flow.

Can students expect higher patrolling? Either with PATS or UTA PD?

Yes, students can expect higher patrolling from both PATS and UTA PD to manage the anticipated increase in visitors.

What are some safety procedures students can expect during the Solar-bration?

For safety tips, check out the new Blaze video. It's got all the info you need to enjoy the show safely:

I understand many outside groups will be traveling to UTA that day as well. As far as parking goes, will any lots be unavailable for students on that day, or will all parking lots and rules stay the same?

No student parking will be closed, but availability in preferred lots will decrease more rapidly than usual. Guests will use student parking, with fees applied. Students with active permits will not be charged and will be verified with license plate recognition.

Will there be any designated areas for guests or other operations?

Guest are being directed to the College Park Garages, the West Campus Garage, and the southern parking lots near LOT 52.  Once those areas fill to capacity, overflow parking will be in adjacent parking areas.


What advice do you have for commuter students traveling to school that day?

Commuter students are advised to arrive early and consider using the UTA Parking Finder app to locate available parking. Exploring alternative transportation options, such as carpooling, using Reduced-Rate and Remote lots and the Mav Mover shuttle is recommended. Expect traffic and congestion to impact the campus throughout the afternoon and evening.