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Grade Exclusion

Students enrolled at UT Arlington for the first time between Fall 2006 and Summer 2013 are eligible to utilize the grade exclusion policy.

Students have to be enrolled on Census Date to file a grade exclusion, and all grade exclusion requests submitted during the term must be submitted by the last day to drop a course. See academic calendar for Census Date and Last Drop Date.

Students enrolled in their second baccalaureate or graduate program are not eligible for Grade Exclusion. 

Grade Exclusion Policy and Procedures

Upon receiving a D or F in a course, a student may file a request with the Office of the Registrar for grade exclusion. The grade exclusion policy is subject to the following conditions:

    1. Students seeking grade exclusion must receive counseling from the following as appropriate:
    • Academic Advisor to determine effect on completion of degree requirements and probation requirements.
    • Financial Aid Office if receiving a scholarship or financial aid administered by that office.
    • Athletic Department if a student athlete.
    • International Office if an international student.
  1. The course with the excluded grade cannot be used to satisfy any graduation requirement. The course grade will be removed from the academic GPA calculation; although the grade received will remain on the student's transcript.
  2. Excluded grades will be included in the calculation of GPA for determining graduation with Latin Honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude).
  3. This policy will apply to a maximum of three courses at UT Arlington and will not apply to courses that may be repeated for credit or to courses taken on a pass/fail basis. Of the three courses, only one course can be 3000/4000 level.
  4. This policy is not applicable to graduate students.
  5. Individual colleges and schools may limit this policy.
  6. Students may not apply this policy to grades of D or F which result from disciplinary action.
  7. Students dismissed from the University for academic reasons cannot use a grade exclusion until their dismissal period is completed. If a grade exclusion request is submitted subsequent to the student's change of academic standing to dismissal, the grade exclusion will be held for processing until the student is eligible to return.
  8. Students must be enrolled on the Census Date of the semester in which their grade exclusion request is processed.
  9. Students who have graduated cannot use Grade Exclusion retroactively to elevate GPA.
  10. Excluded hours will count toward the 30 hr/45 hr policy for Tuition for Excessive Undergraduate Hours. Click here for more information on Tuition for Excessive Undergraduate Hours.
  11. Tuition and fee refunds, rebates or other financial consideration will not be given for courses for which grade exclusion is granted.
  12. Once a course has been excluded, a student may not later have the exclusion reversed.
  13. The excluded course cannot be used to satisfy a graduation requirement.

Submission of Grade Exclusion Request

Enrollment on Census Date: You must be enrolled at UT Arlington on Census Day of the term in which your grade exclusion request is processed.

Request Filed Before Last Day to Drop of Current Term:UT Arlington will process grade exclusion requests that are submitted online by 5:00 pm CST on or by the last day to drop of the current term, as part of the grading and standing process for that term. The grade exclusion site will be unavailable from the last drop date of the term until the day after Census Date for the next term (Spring, Fall and Summer I). Students must be registered at UT Arlington on Census Date for the term in which their grade exclusion request is processed.

Work with your academic advisor to determine eligibility and impact on the catalog under which you will be governed: Students who entered UT Arlington for the first time from Fall 2006 through Summer 2013 are eligible to utilize the grade exclusion policy. If you began your college career at UT Arlington before Fall 2006, you may discuss the possibility of advancing to a catalog from the 2006-2007 catalog year through the 2012-2013 catalog year, to be eligible for grade exclusion. This means that you must adhere to all the policies of that undergraduate catalog, and you must be able to graduate within no more than eight years of that catalog year. If you entered UT Arlington Fall 2013 or thereafter, you are not eligible for grade exclusion.  You may be eligible for grade forgiveness.  Please check with your academic advisor if you have any questions regarding your degree plan requirements and/or the catalog under which you are governed.

Processing time: Processing your Grade Exclusion requests in the academic department involves several levels of review, so it is not possible to give you an accurate response time. However all Grade Exclusion requests, if approved, will be processed by final semester grade posting. All correspondence regarding this matter will be sent to your UTA email account. If you have not activated your UTA email account, contact the OIT Help Desk



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