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Residency Status


Under Texas state law, an applicant or enrolled student is classified either as a resident of Texas, a nonresident, or as an international student. Residency for admission and tuition purposes at a public college or university in Texas is different from residency for voting or tax purposes.

The information on this page is from the Rules and Regulations for Determining Residence Statuson the College for All Texans website.

An individual seeking information or advice on residence status should contact the residence determination official at the higher education institution of interest. The residence determination official can be found in the Office of Admissions, Records, & Registration. The Residency Determination Official for UT Arlington's Office can be reached via e-mail ( for Undergradute students or for Graduate students) or phone (817-272-6287).

Under state statutes and Coordinating Board rules and regulations interpreting those statutes, a student will be classified as a resident, nonresident, or foreign student. A person who has lived in the state under circumstances specified in these rules will be eligible for classification as a resident.

A citizen, a national, or a permanent resident of the United States who does not meet resident criteria will be classified as a nonresident. An alien who is not a permanent resident of the United States and has not been permitted by Congress to adopt the United States as his/her domicile while in this country will be classified as a foreign student.

An individual classified as a nonresident or foreign student may qualify to pay resident tuition rates and other charges while continuing to be classified as a nonresident or foreign student under certain exceptions specified in the statutes and rules.

Submission of the following forms may be necessary in order for you to be properly classified.


This form contains the new questions that we will be using to properly classify students. If you are appealing a non-resident classification, you may be required to fill out and submit this form.

Download the Core Residency Questions form.


If you are an undocumented alien and are eligible for classification as a resident under Senate Bill 1528, you will be required to fill out and submit the Senate Bill 1528 Affidavit.

Download the Senate Bill 1528 Affidavit. Please note that this form is also included with the Core Residency Questions Form that is listed above.


This form outlines documentation that may be used in supporting your claim to domicile and residency. These documents that are outlined in this form may be required to resolve issues raised by the information that you provided in the Core Residency Questions Form.

Download and print the Documentation to Support Domicile and Residency form.