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Student Services

Student Release of Information

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) protects the privacy and records access rights of current and former students. Students may submit a request to UT Arlington to allow the release of information to parents/legal guardians or a specified party.

At UT Arlington, FERPA rights apply to a student. A student is a person who has been admitted and is registered for classes, regardless of the person's age.

For more information regarding FERPA, please visit our FERPA page.


To submit the Student Release of Information form, you must fill out the online form.  Note: You will need to sign in with your UTA Net ID and password. You must be a currently enrolled student to access the online form.

For newly admitted students, you may fill out a form at your student orientation, or you may wait until you are registered to file the online form.


Once your Student Release of Information form has been submitted, our office will place a positive service indicator (PRI) on your MyMav account. This service indicator does not have any impact but serves to indicate that there is a release form on file. All departments will be able to view this.

Your request to release information will remain in effect unless otherwise revoked by you. In order to revoke the release, you must submit a written request (along with a picture ID) to the Office of the Registrar.