Policies and Procedures

Speech on campus can be exercised in a variety of locations and times, each with varying rules and ways.

University Policies and Procedures

Time, Place and Manner

In its rulings on the First Amendment the Supreme Court has upheld that the “time, place and manner” of speech on campus may be regulated in such a way that is viewpoint-neutral, narrowly tailored to serve a governmental interest, and that there are ample alternative means to express ideas.  These types of rules may limit things such as the use of amplified sound, commercial solicitation, crowd size in a particular venue, the placement/posting of signs, or prohibiting early morning or late evening demonstrations.

Forums for speech 

The right to free speech does not guarantee that an individual is able to speak anywhere at any time.  The Supreme Court has upheld that the level of First Amendment protection varies depending on the location (or “forum”) in which speech takes place.

Lisa Nagy, the Vice President for the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington

A Letter From Lisa Nagy

As we navigate this academic semester through the COVID pandemic and upcoming election, I want to remind everyone about both the important role that free speech plays at UTA and a recent change to Texas law that impacts our campus.