Women’s & Gender Studies Program

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Women’s & Gender Studies (WGS) Program fosters the examination of women and gender through an interdisciplinary lens. WGS classes explore social norms and the ways in which race, class, nationality, and history shape gender identity. The WGS Program at UTA offers an academic minor that allows students to pursue a study of women’s and gender issues alongside their major courses. The WGS Program also offers a graduate certificate for students currently enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral program at UT Arlington.



The Women’s & Gender Studies Program provides UTA’s undergraduate and graduate students with a flexible and coherent education around the history, significance and social perceptions of women, gender and sexuality.  Our mission is to promote discourse around women, gender and sexuality within the UTA community, explore social norms and history of women, gender and sexual identity, and deepen the understanding of complex and critical issues regarding women, gender, and sexuality.  The program works to support scholarly research related to gender by our students and faculty by building interdisciplinary collaborations among the campus community; integrating feminist and related fields of scholarship and activism to bridge divides; creating new knowledge about women, gender, race, class, sexuality, religion and disability; challenging distributions of power; and improving the lives of all individuals and communities.

Rise to Your Potential.  Be a Women’s & Gender Studies Minor.

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