Preparing for your new adventures at UTA? The FAQs on this page will help you understand what is involved with a Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Minor.

Undergraduate GWSS Minor Information FAQ

Our GWSS Minors have become Social Workers and Healthcare Professionals; Artists and Photographers; Music Performers and Actors; Activists and Librarians; Professors and Writers.  We think you get the drift – A GWSS Minor complements your major program of study, helping you create a fuller, richer dream of who you want to be.

If you are passionate about gender, women and sexuality issues, the Minor gives you a concrete way of pursuing that passion.  It puts you in touch with other students and faculty who share your interests, giving you the opportunity to join an energetic and engaged community.

Our course prefix WOMS shows courses including major areas like Sociology, Anthropology, English, History, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Theatre, Art, and Psychology.

Most of our courses are “cross-listed” with courses offered in other departments.  This means that we reserve a few seats for our Minors, but the course content, professor, and course schedule are the same.  For example, WOMS 3334, Sociology of Gender, is cross-listed with SOCI 3334, Sociology of Gender.   

No. We recommend that students begin building their Minor with our WOMS 2310, Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies (this course satisfies UTA’s core curriculum requirement in Language, Philosophy, and Culture), but students are welcome to enroll in the courses in any order they wish.