Student Ambassadors

About the Maverick Advantage Faculty Engagement (MAFE) Student Ambassadors

The Maverick Advantage Faculty Engagement (MAFE) Student Ambassadors is a diverse group of students from various disciplines that will engage with faculty with the intent of providing student input during the process of implementing the Maverick Advantage (MA) into courses and spreading awareness of how to find and enroll in MA courses. They will be given the opportunity to enhance or develop their leadership, public speaking, communication, and teamwork skills through presentations, events, and outreach opportunities.

The team consists of a Chair and Vice-Chair in addition to the following Ambassador positions:

  • PR/Marketing Coordinator
  • Outreach/Activities Coordinator
  • Historian


MAFE Ambassadors are chosen through an application process and serve for one academic year.

  • Executive meetings will be held weekly.
  • All Ambassadors report to the MAFE Chair.


  1. Be able to serve for a full semester
  2. Attend weekly meetings, scheduled events, and trainings
  3. Must have experienced at least ONE of the Maverick Advantage activities (Learn about them here at the bottom of the page – You have probably already done one, but don’t know it!)
  4. Participate in at least 2 presentations and 2 tabling events per semester
  5. Fulfill position and general ambassador responsibilities



General Responsibilities

  • Contribute approximately 3-5 hours per week (Mon.-Fri. between 8am-5pm)
  • Meet given deadlines
  • Conduct MAFE presentations
  • Post flyers and posters around campus
    • Work tabling events
    • Awareness tabling
  • Activity fairs and orientations
  • Maintain a procedures binder
  • Be actively engaged with the team and contribute ideas to help the overall growth of the program
  • Assist the other Ambassadors when needed
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Work with Vice-Chair to design and post social media content
  • Work with Vice-Chair to manage MAFE social media and create a monthly content calendar
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
  • Distribute marketing pieces to various departments, staff, faculty, student organizations
  • Keep track of promotional items inventory
  • Help design and post flyers and posters
  • Organize and keep records of forms and paperwork for posters and all events
  • Keep spreadsheet of data regarding tablings and presentations
  • Fulfill general Ambassador responsibilities
  • Recruit new ambassadors
  • Find potential classes and organizations to present to
  • Campus Involvement, such as:
    • Spirit week
    • UTA traditions
    • Homecoming week
  • Create item lists for activities
  • Organize and plan new opportunities and activities
  • Create socials for Ambassadors
  • Fulfill general Ambassador responsibilities
  • Take pictures and videos at MA-related events
  • Gather testimonials from students/faculty/staff/partners
  • Curate online MAFE newsletter consisting of:
    • Pictures/testimonials of what we have been doing
    • Stories about MA activities from students
    • Highlights on select students and faculty
  • Create guide for motivating and encouraging students to enroll in MA courses
  • Receive feedback from presentations and curate suggestions for improvement
  • Fulfill general Ambassador responsibilities

Apply to be a MAFE Ambassador!

Any major or year can apply! This is a great opportunity to learn or enhance your leadership, public speaking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.