The Maverick Advantage and Maverick Advantage Faculty Engagement

The Maverick Advantage Program at UTA encourages the development of marketable skills through experiential learning opportunities, inside and outside the classroom, within five distinguishing activities – Community Engagement, Career Development, Global Connections, Research, and Leadership Development. This competitive advantage distinguishes UTA students from their peers and prepares them for the workforce or future academic endeavors.

The Maverick Advantage Faculty Engagement (MAFE) Program engages, educates, prepares, and supports faculty on understanding what the Maverick Advantage is. It encourages faculty to integrate one or more of the Maverick Advantage activities into their academic courses, thereby giving students the opportunity to obtain Maverick Advantage experiences within their academic coursework.

All faculty must follow the MAFE procedures to have their class designated as a Maverick Advantage course.

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A Maverick Advantage Faculty Engagement Pilot Program was launched in the fall of 2019 within a collaborative board consisting of the MAFE leadership team, in cooperation with UTA faculty and staff leaders.

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What is a Research Maverick Advantage activity, and how do you incorporate it into a course?

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