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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Paul Conrad

PAST IS PRESENT: History in the News

If you think History is "old news" you might want to think again. Check out these recent feature stories that relate to subjects our students are currently studying.

The duo who documented the birth of NYC’s subway

Photo of subway under construction

Course: HIST 3327 "Cities and Suburbs in US History"
Spring 2020

Pierre Pullis had a photography studio on Fulton Street, in New York City, but he spent a lot of time working outside its walls. For about four decades in the first half of the 20th century, he lugged his camera to some rather inconvenient places around the city—including beneath its boulevards.

His photos “are as interesting as they are difficult to obtain,” the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reported in 1901, soon after Pullis undertook his work. “In many cases, Mr. Pullis and his assistants are obliged to place their cameras in perilous positions in order to photograph the face of a rock or the effect of a blast, and taking flashlight pictures knee deep in a twenty-five foot sewer.”

The strange, true story of how Mt. Disappointment got its name

photo of view from mountain

Course: HIST 3340 "History of the North American West"
Spring 2020

Poor Mt. Disappointment.

Located high in the San Gabriel Mountains, it’s the only peak in the 60-mile-long range with such an unflattering name.

Nearby you might summit Josephine Peak, named for the wife of a federal surveyor, or savor the views from Mt. Markham, named after a former governor.

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