About Us

Students choose to study History at UTA for many different reasons. Some have a passion for learning and creating. Others enjoy analyzing evidence, forming their own arguments, and engaging in spirited debate. All are curious about the world around them and want to understand how it came to be.

The Department’s award-winning, interdisciplinary faculty members number among the leading scholars in their respective fields. Informed by pathbreaking research, their teaching interests encompass historical eras from the ancient past to the recent present while spanning the globe to cover regions including Texas and the Transatlantic world, Latin, America and Africa, Europe and Eurasia as well as, of course, the USA.

Whatever your motivation, our instructors, courses, and programs give you the flexibility to pursue subjects relevant to your intellectual interests while preparing you to succeed in your future career.

In addition to three Bachelor's degree plans and numerous minor options at the undergraduate level, we offer M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in History. One of only three doctoral programs housed in UTA’s College of Liberal Arts, ours offers students full fellowships, opportunities to teach at the undergraduate level, and research support to assist them in completing their degrees in a timely manner.

Our mission as a department is to serve our students, the campus, and the community at large by investigating the past in a manner that enlightens the present. We want our students to use their historical knowledge and insight to serve humanity in the best possible way. This mission is central to our department. We take it seriously - and we act on it in every class that we teach each semester, every year.

We invite you to become a student in UTA’s Department of History.

Where History is Made