Affiliated Centers

History Department faculty are actively engaged in the interdisciplinary centers housed in the College of Liberal Arts and elsewhere on the UTA campus:

  • The Center for African American Studies facilitates the discourse on race and contextualizes it in the historical, cultural, and community influences that shape the diverse experiences of Blacks in America.
  • Fostering interdisciplinary study of the Southwest, the Center for Greater Southwestern Studies includes public education programs, internships for students, and publications pertaining to Southwestern studies and cartographic history.
  • The Center for Mexican American Studies administers an 18-hour academic minor, promotes studies on Latino issues, and serves as a bridge between UTA and the Latino community.
  • Bridging social sciences and humanities, the Center for Theory facilitates the research and teaching of contemporary social and cultural theories. Of particular interest is the impact of information and communication technologies on the self, society, and culture.
  • The McDowell Center for Critical Languages and Area Studies provides scholarships to students traveling for language development and helps to fund language courses in less-commonly taught languages.
  • Whether you have known all your life that you want to be a lawyer, or simply are curious about legal studies, the Pre-Law Center can help.
  • The Women's and Gender Studies Program offers an academic minor that enables students to pursue a study of women and gender issues alongside their major courses.