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computer science Professor Jeff Lei


Computer scientist designing new ways to test security

The average computer data breach in the U.S. can cost a company upward of $7.9 million, according to a study...


Star Bright

Identifying gaps in space transportation systems

Though the space race may have cooled down, the U.S. still looks to the skies as an opportunity for exploration—and...

Song Jiang


Speeding up computers through cache access

Song Jiang knows the importance of a cache in computer memory systems. Now, the computer science associate professor is exploring...

Professor Sahadat Hossain


New partnership aims to solve Ethiopia’s waste management issues

In March 2017, a landfill in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, collapsed and slid onto nearby homes, killing 113 people. In response,...

Toxic waste barrels


Testing rock formations as barriers for nuclear waste

Investigating six types of rock formations for their potential as barrier materials for nuclear waste repositories

Associate Professor Hyeok Choi and chemistry Associate Professor Junha Jeon


Creating a system to clean contaminated soil and water

Devising a system to allow easier cleanup of soil and groundwater contaminated by filmforming foams

The State of Research

Research expenditures hit record highs in 2017-18 and reached an important Texas Tier 1 milestone.

Closer Look

Applied Physiology and Advanced Imaging Lab

The Applied Physiology and Advanced Imaging (APAI) Laboratory is focused on questions related to human health and cardiovascular disease


The Battle of Medina

In his award-winning book, Arredondo: Last Spanish Ruler of Texas and Northeastern New Spain, history Adjunct Professor Bradley Folsom explores the life of one of North America's most ruthless leaders. Read an excerpt below.