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What is a Contract

A contract is an agreement between at least two parties wherein one party agrees to do something in return for a benefit provided by the other party.  Contracts have legally binding terms and conditions. Contracts can be presented in a written hard copy format, an electronic click through format, or even be verbal in some cases. UTA executes contracts as part of its daily business operations, and these range broadly in type and purpose. Some examples of contracts UTA frequently enters into are purchases for goods, purchases for services, including software and cloud based services and professional services, sponsorship agreements, gift agreements, space lease agreements, affiliation and other internship agreements, interagency agreements, intellectual property ownership agreements, non-disclosure agreements, trademark license agreements, and performer and speaker agreements.

Who Can Sign?

The UT System Regents’ Rules and Regulations require that all contracts be approved by the chief administrative officer or his/her official, authorized delegate (ref. Rule 10501). Only an individual with a written delegation of authority from the President of UTA may execute and deliver contracts on behalf of the University. A University contract without an authorized signature may be invalid and unenforceable.

UTA’s Delegations of Authority can be found on the UT System website. Click here to see who the President has given signature authority and for what purpose.  If you do not have a written delegation memorandum giving you authority to legally bind UTA to contracts, you do not have that authority.  If you execute contracts without delegation authority, you are not only in violation of UT System and UTA policy, but you could be held personally liable for any legal issues that arise under the contract you signed without authorization.

How do I Submit a Contract for Review?

Some contracts should go directly to the Office of Legal Affairs for review while others are must go through a different review process.  Please select your contract type from the link on the left entitled “Submitting a Contract for Review” and follow the instructions. If you do not see your contract type in the drop down list, please email for further instructions.