Public Information Fees

Fees for Records Request

The University uses the rates established by the Office of the Attorney General to determine charges for copies of public records. At the discretion of the staff member responding to a request, fees may be waived when there are a minimal number of responsive documents.

If the cost of the request is expected to exceed $40, a staff member will send an "estimate letter" to the requestor. The cost letter includes an itemized statement of any copying, personnel or mailing charges that will be incurred in fulfilling the request. Once the requestor confirms that he or she agrees to the estimated costs, a staff member will begin compiling the records. If a requestor does not respond to a cost letter within ten (10) days, the file will be closed.

Where estimated costs exceed $100, the requestor will be required to make a deposit before any records are copied. Typically, the deposit will be equal to the estimated cost of reproducing the requested records.

For more information regarding charges for Public Information, please preview Charges for Public Information on the Attorney General of Texas website.