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Parking Changes for Spring 2023

Thursday, January 26, 2023

We know that the start of the new semester will bring busy streets and tight capacity for parking. Please have a plan on where you are going to park and start early until the semester gets going and everyone settles in. Be aware of notices on the UTA and Parking sites for changes in traffic and access.

The comprehensive list below outlines updates to Parking & Transportation at UTA for the 2023 Spring Semester.

February 9, 2023 Adjustments:

  • 47 additional unused Student Upgrade parking spaces in LOT 34 were reallocated to Faculty/Staff parking permits. 


January 26, 2023 Adjustments:

  • Portions of LOT 36 will now include about 30 employee parking spaces. These are marked with Faculty/Staff signs near the UTA Blvd street crossing.
  • Portions of LOT 34 Student Upgrade section will convert to Student Commuter permits. Be sure to pay attention to the signs in this location.
  • The Mav Mover Shuttle Stop at the old Social Work complex will be closed now that the building is closed. The Late Night Security Escort Service will continue to have a pick-up/drop-off point in the area.
  • 22 unused handicapped parking spaces in F10 have been converted to additional Faculty/Staff parking. 

Find Parking Easily:

  • One-Day Upgrades:
    • We understand you may have an occasional need that requires you to park closer. Responding to customer requests to park closer in under-utilized parking lots, the Parking Office is excited to continue a new pilot program to offer daily upgrade permits for customers that have an active annual, semester, or summer parking permit---- the Daily Upgrade permit

The new Daily Upgrade permits will allow parking in a closer, under-utilized student upgrade, faculty/staff, or garage location starting at $2.99 per day!  The intent of the Daily Upgrade permit is to accommodate the student or employee that has an occasional need to 'park up' for the day-- maybe it is for a big presentation, to avoid the heat or cold, or knowing you will be short on time. To be eligible, you must have a semester or annual parking permit.  Limited Daily Upgrade permits will be available the first several weeks of classes until early February due to high parking demand at the beginning of each semester. 

  • New School of Social Work/College of Nursing and Health Innovation Smart Hospital Building Opens near Lot 49:
    • The new building opens for the first time in January 2023. The building will house classroom space and employee offices. As a result, we expect additional parking demand in the LOT F10 and our southern parking lots. Employee overflow parking will remain available at all times in LOT 38 north of the University Center. Student Commuter parking will remain available at all times in our western parking lots along Greek Row.
  • Lot 36:
    • Lot 15 will be temporarily relocated to the front of LOT 36 for the remainder of the academic year.  The old section of LOT F15 will be converted to additional student commuter parking.  The entire lot will be called Lot 36. Please be aware of posted signs marking the Student Upgrade section and faculty/staff sections.

Permit Reminders:

  • ADA / Disabled Veteran Placard/Plates:
    • These are complimentary permits provided by the Parking department with the proper registration. The individual must be the one that the placard or plate is registered to. This permit is required before parking in ADA spaces on campus. More information can be found on our website for Drivers with Disabilities
  • Sharing Violations:
    • Each permit is allowed one license plate on campus per day. Customers may add up to 3 personally owned, rented, or leased vehicles to each permit as a convenience. However, each additional license plate will need a separate permit if it is to be on campus during the same day. Customers are not permitted to add another customer’s vehicle to their permit to avoid purchasing a parking permit. Vehicle plate changes must be made prior to arriving on campus and can be done on the MAV PARK site or by emailing the Parking department (
  • Incorrect License Plate Violation:
    • A vehicle plate that is not found on an active UTA parking permit. If appealed because the vehicle owner has an active permit, the No Active permit citation will be reduced to a $20 fine. Whether the new plate was not added or added incorrectly to the permit prior to the vehicle coming onto campus. If you get new plates or need to add a temporary or rental vehicle, please do so on your MAV PARK account.


  • The MavMover shuttle bus will operate two buses on the Blue, Orange, Black and Red routes daily.  Riders can track the bus and receive schedule announcements by downloading the DoubleMap app.
  • The Late-Night Security Escort Service received a technology upgrade during the Fall semester with the upgrade from the TapRide app to the Transloc app. We are also expanded the off campus stops to include 848 Mitchell, Downtown Arlington, Maverick Place, and The Arlie among all of the main campus!
  • Off-Campus Transportation: Transportation Services will return the Green Shopping route to campus this Spring. This service was suspended during the pandemic.  The bus will run between Walmart and the University Center every 30 minutes from 6:30-10:30pm weeknights.
  • Via will provide rides for enrolled students to the following student priority shopping destinations as well as other locations throughout Arlington. Students can request another promo code for ten $1 discounts when your origin and destination start and end at one of these locations.  Download the Via app to enter the promo code and get the discount. 
    • Shopping destinations include Aldi, Parks Mall, Ben Thanh Plaza, Fielder Plaza, Target, and The Highlands.