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Students and Faculty/Staff Ride Free on Self-Driving Shuttles

Sunday, October 1, 2023

UTA Parking & Transportation has been recognized by the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) for their 2023 Awards of Excellence for Innovation in a Mobility, Transportation, or Parking Program. Please read more at: 2023 IPMI Awards

Also, take advantage of this unique and convenient experience on campus and just beyond. Now Free for all Students, Faculty, and Staff!


UTA Parking & Transportation is excited to partner with the City of Arlington, May Mobility, and Via to bring autonomous vehicles to campus and extend campus mobility options into Downtown Arlington.   After a successful FTA-funded 1-year pilot that provided over 28,000 free rides to UTA students, the service has been extended!  Additional funding has been identified to extend free rides to students until August 2023!

UTA students are able to request a free self-driving shuttle on the Arlington Transportation app, while employees and the public can request a self-paid trip.

Two vehicle options will appear in the app-- a free AV option, and a user-paid traditional vehicle option ($3-$5). Select the free AV option to obtain your free self-driving shuttle.

 To request a free student trip:

  • Download the Via app and register with your email address.
  • Request a trip within the RAPID service area during service hours
  • Select the free AV pick-up option.
  • Free student AV rides are unlimited.


For a limited time, Faculty and Staff can try the award-winning Arlington RAPID self-driving shuttles around campus and downtown. To request a ride, log into the Via app with your UTA email, then request a ride in the downtown or campus service zone during normal hours from 12-6pm Monday-Friday. The free rides are limited and only available for a short time-- so try out the service for free while you can!

   Download the app: Google Play   Apple Store

Additional Transportation Options:

UTA Parking & Transportation continues to provide innovative mobility solutions to meet the unique needs of the UTA community. Here are the other transportation options available:


  • UTA Shuttle Buses (FREE):  UTA operates the Mav Mover from 7:30am to 9pm Monday-Friday with routes around campus and to several off-campus student housing properties.  Download the Doublemap app to view the bus arrival times and real-time locations.
  • Late Night Security Escort Service (FREE): UTA operates an on-demand van service from 7pm-3am seven days per week that will provide late-night safe ride services for the UTA community just like an Uber or Lyft would. Download the Transloc app to request a ride.
  • Green Route- Off-Campus Shopping Service (FREE): Each evening, the MavMover shuttle bus will pick up students at the University Center Starbucks and take them back and forth to Walmart. The bus departs the U.C. at the top and bottom of the hour. The bus departs Walmart at the :15 and :45 marks.  The service runs from 6:30 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Via Rideshare Service (Discounted): UTA students can request a ride on the Via app to get to additional City of Arlington destinations. Prices range from $3.50-$5.50 per trip.  UTA provides ten $1 discounts to enrolled students each semester. The promo codes must be requested here.

    Destinations include: From UTA to Aldi, Fielder Plaza, the Highlands, Parks Mall, Ben Thanh Plaza, and Target.

  • Zipcar (Student-paid): Students can rent a car using the ZipCar car-share service for a small fee. More information can be found here.
  • CarPool options (User-organized): The UTA community can join the NTCOG Try Parking It website to find other citizens traveling in the same direction and organize their own car or vanpool service.