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Off-Campus Transportation

2022-2023 Schedule

Get around town without a car

Through a complicated series of human-sized pneumatic tubes, you’ll…OK, no. Sorry. Our engineering research hasn’t taken us that far (yet…) but you can hop in one of our self-driving shuttles to get you anywhere on campus or Downtown Arlington!

The Mav Mover team has partnered with the City of Arlington's Via service to provide discounted rides to select student-priority destinations during Via's normal business hours. The stops include all of the top dining, retail and entertainment areas of Arlington! 

For students needing a ride to off-campus destinations, three options exist:

Free Walmart Green Route: Each evening, the MavMover shuttle bus will pick up students at the University Center Starbucks and take them back and forth to Walmart. The bus departs the U.C. at the top and bottom of the hour. The bus departs Walmart at the :15 and :45 marks.  The service runs from 6:30 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. Monday-Friday.

$1 Off Via Rides:

UTA students can request a ride on the Via app to get to other City of Arlington destinations. Prices range from $3.50-$5.50 per trip.  UTA provides ten $1 discounts to enrolled students annually. The promo codes must be requested here.

Destinations include: From UTA to Aldi, Fielder Plaza, the Highlands, Parks Mall, Ben Thanh Plaza, and Target.

Self-Driving Shuttles:

Yes, we said it... self......driving..... shuttles......  Through a Federal Transit Administration grant and North Texas Council of Governments grant, UTA has been operating self-driving shuttles on campus and Downtown since March 2020 with the help of our partners, City of Arlington, Via, and May Mobility.  The magic happens by requesting a ride in the Via app.  Discounted trips are oftentimes available for students on the self-driving shuttles, bringing the total cost for the ride down to around $3.  To view the shuttles as an option on the Via app, your origin and destination must be within the designated service zone.