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Experiential Learning Activities


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2021 PLC Tom o'neill presentation for creating effective student teams: research, practice, and experience

Below is a video presentation given to our 2020/21 PLC cohort by Dr. Tom O'Neill from the Department of Psychology at the University of Calgary. Dr. O'Neill highlights teamwork strategies such as SUIT, which stands for Share, Understand, Integrate, and Team Decision, and discusses research on areas such as what are five conflict management styles. He also introduces his website ITPmetrics, which contains various assessment tools that are free to use. 

 Other materials for your consideration:

Guest speaker Tom O'Neill's Biography

Podcast with Tom speaking about the background of

White Paper on effective teamwork online by Tom

Resources for teamwork compiled by Tom

 2020 PLC faculty showcase

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*PLC presentations start at 1:05:45* 

FACULTY SHOWCASE 2020 - posters

Learning Military Tactics for Team Building and Skill Reinforcement Efficacy of Teamwork in Teaching Historical Methods and Skills The Classroom as Teaching Laboratory
LaDonna Aiken - College of Liberal Arts.  Kimberly Breuer - College of Liberal Arts  Roger Gans - College of Liberal Arts
Pushing Boundaries: Collaborating Across Student Engagement Dynamics​ First Generation Student Classroom Support Startegies Facilitating Virtual Teamwork in a Real-Time Teams Backchannel
Becky Garner - College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Melanie Manson - College of Liberal Arts Peggy Semingson - College of Education
Health Economics Project Steps Comparing Teamwork & Collaboration Competencies between a Technology Comparing Teamwork & Collaboration Competencies between a Technology
Christy Spivey - College of Business Martin Wallace - UTA Library Kendra Wallis - College of Engineering
Exploring the Use of Video to Bridge Distance in an Accelerated Online Program Facilitating a Collaborative Research Methods Classroom: ​  A Mixed-Method Study of Cooperative Team Learning​


Cynthia Woody - College of Education Monica Zhan & Grace Brannon - College of Liberal Arts Faculty Showcase 2020




2019 PLC Colloquium

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Below is a video that highlights the Spring 2019 PLC Colloquium. Attendees heard a keynote from Dr. Jennifer Edwards, and then presented their projects in a poster session. Many of the posters presented and linked below the video.

2019 PLC Colloquium Posters

Below are some of the posters presented by PLC Faculty Fellows at the 2019 PLC Colloquium. Click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized poster.

LaDonna Aiken - College of Liberal Arts. Skills, Diversity, Motivation: Building Student Teams LaShaunn Bold - School of Social Work. Consider the Possibilities: The Online Group Assignment Roger Gans - College of LiberalArts. Teamwork Starts With Teams: A Common-Interest Strategy for Classroom Team Assembly
LaDonna Aiken - College of Liberal LaShaunn Bold - School of Social Work  Roger Gans - College of Liberal Arts
Kiva Harper - School of Social Work. Virtual Teamwork Using Microsoft Teams Dennis Maher and Melanie Mason - College of Liberal Arts. Hey, Mr. Producer!; Assignment Construction Strategy for Upper Level Performing Arts Online Teams Nila Veerabathina - A Reflection of Incorporating Teamwork in an Online Course
Kiva Harper - School of Social Work Dennis Maher and Melanie Mason - College of Liberal Arts Nila Veerabathina - College of Science
Christy Spivey - College of Business. Student Perceptions of Team-Based Projects Kendra Wallis - College of Engineering. Teamwork Evaluation in Engineering Problem-Solving Martin Wallace - UTA Library. An Experimental “Assembling Effective Teams” Homework Assignment, and Mixed-Methods Assessment
Christy Spivey - College of Business. Kendra Wallis - College of Engineering Martin Wallace - UTA Library


2018 PLC Colloquium

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Teamwork is taking place all across campus both in and out of the classroom. On April 27, our 2017 PLC Faculty Fellows presented results of the interventions they developed for their various courses.

Faculty presenting at the colloquium

We also heard from Dr. Paul Paulus on Keys to Successful Teamwork

Paulus speaking

Below are links to the posters presented by the 2017/18 PLC faculty Fellows