New Maverick Orientation Safety Plans

To keep yourself and others safe, UTA is employing the following requirements for all new students and their guests during face-to-face New Maverick Orientation programs.



Covid testing center at the MAC 


All students and guests attending a face-to-face orientation session are REQUIRED to bring documentation of a COVID test or vaccination. Acceptable documentation includes ONE of the following:

  • Proof of a negative test taken within 72 hours (3 days) of arrival at orientation
  • Proof of vaccination with your second dose completed at least two weeks prior to your arrival at orientation
  • Proof of a positive test taken within 90 days and clearance from a doctor to leave quarantine/isolation



Students with masks on holding a t-shirt 



All students and guests will be strongly encouraged to wear a facial covering (mask) that covers your nose and mouth. Attending large, indoor, public gatherings has been linked to increased risk of COVID-19 transmission. Wearing a mask will help protect you and other new Mavericks attending orientation.







UTA requires 6 feet of social distancing during all orientation activities. Our meeting rooms will be designed for students and their guests to be seated side-by-side, but other orientation participants will be seated 6 feet away on all sides. All orientation participants are encouraged to maintain social distancing at other times, such as while sitting in lounge areas, waiting in lines, or during individual meetings with UTA staff.




Transfer orientation leader 


To reduce crowds at New Maverick Orientation, students will be assigned a check-in time between 7:45-9:15 a.m. Please look for your assigned check-in time on your Final Confirmation email sent three days prior to your orientation session. This email is delivered to your UTA email address and your personal email address on file. Additionally, orientation participants will be split into two shifts for lunch to maintain social distancing in our Connection Cafe. We encourage students and guests to pack a snack in case our lunch schedule does not match yours.



UTA student wearing a mask and using a hand sanitizer dispenser 



Orientation participants will have access to hand sanitizer throughout the program. Additionally, the UTA Office of Facilities Management will be cleaning and sanitizing rooms utilized for orientation between sessions. Orientation participants may want to bring a package of cleaning wipes to sanitize surfaces between cleanings.