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Students at Transfer Orientation

Transfer Student Resources


As a transfer student at UTA, you’re embarking on something brand new. We’ve got all the resources you’ll need to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Academic Plaza in the Central Library

A suite of services known as the Academic Plaza resides on the second floor of the Central Library. Welcoming you to the floor is the Academic Plaza’s concierge-style information desk. Somebody at the desk will be ready to answer questions and direct you to everything from tutoring to peer mentorship, to a place to hang out and buy snacks. The Academic Plaza will serve you well as you make the transition to UTA. Check out the Academic Plaza’s website for the most up-to-date information about hours, events, and services.

Tau Sigma Transfer Honor Society

A national honor society created exclusively for transfer students, Tau Sigma recognizes the achievements of the most outstanding transfers nationwide. Epsilon Rho is UTA’s chapter. Membership is by invitation only. For more information, contact 817-272-3213 or email

Transfer Appreciation Day

Transfer Appreciation Day is scheduled once per semester to help our new transfer students feel welcome at UTA. On this day, we support these students as they tackle the challenge of transitioning from one educational environment to another. We acknowledge their success at their previous institutions and extend a helping hand to aid their continued success at UTA. The event will take place on Wednesday, January 31, 2018.

Finish for Transfer Students

As a transfer student, your needs will be different than other students. You’re focused on completing your degree and making the most of your new educational home. FINISH is specially designed with transfer students in mind, based on feedback from current transfer students. This programming series will focus on helping transfer students adjust to UTA, reviewing academic and graduation requirements, major exploration, career development and resumes, internships, resources, and more.

Transfer Talks

The purpose of this program is to give transfer students a platform to discuss current issues they are dealing with as UTA students and expose them to various resources that can support their needs. Come out to a panel discussion of current transfer students giving advice and learn about various resources.


At UTA, you’re never alone in your quest for greatness. We offer an abundance of resources to prepare you for success during school and after graduation.

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