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2020 Commencement FAQs

Will 2020 graduates have commencement ceremonies?

Due to government protocols and public health concerns regarding large public gatherings, UTA has made the difficult decision to postpone plans for 2020 ceremonies until 2021, or until it is permitted to safely hold large public gatherings again.

When will the next in-person ceremony be?

We are closely monitoring national and local guidelines for in-person events. New dates have not been confirmed yet, but we will announce details as soon as health conditions and guidelines allow us to do so with more certainty. This information will be sent to all spring, summer and fall 2020 graduates in advance for planning purposes.

What about my cap and gown, announcements and other related regalia?

All regalia may still be purchased through the UTA Campus Store at the “early bird” pricing previously promoted. Contact the UTA Campus Store for more information.

For questions about UTA Official Maverick Rings or Graduation Announcements, please contact the Jostens representative at (These can be ordered online

Can I still walk across the stage?

We understand the significance of this moment to walk across the stage and hear your named called. All candidates will still be given this opportunity at a later date to ensure the health and safety of the community.

What if I have returned home and may not be able to participate in the postponed commencement?

The University is considering several date options, in addition to other ways to honor our graduates. Once plans are finalized, information will be shared and posted to

Can the 2020 spring, summer and fall graduates participate in a later in-person commencement ceremony?

We invite all 2020 graduates to participate in our next in-person ceremony. New dates have not been confirmed at this point. We will communicate with all students any new information regarding future ceremonies.

Will family and friends be able to attend the postponed ceremony?

Yes! The intent is to provide a similar celebration to the usual commencement ceremonies where friends and family can join in celebrating the graduates’ achievements.

Why was the decision made to postpone commencement?

The University is closely following public health updates and guidelines from the CDC. While we are disappointed we cannot host traditional in-person ceremonies at this time, the health and safety of the UTA community and its guests is our top priority.

Will there be a formal virtual ceremony for those unable to attend rescheduled commencement ceremonies?

Yes, rescheduled ceremonies will include a virtual component. This will allow those who are unable to travel to UTA for rescheduled events to celebrate all the commencement ceremony traditions from a distance.

How will I get information regarding the reschedule of Commencement?

We will reach out to all 2020 graduates once a decision has been made about in- person ceremonies in the future. You can always check the UTA Commencement website for updated information about future ceremony plans.

Other large scale events are occurring in Arlington with safety protocols in mind. Why can't UTA have commencement ceremonies in person?

UTA is diligently working with the current guidance from the governor’s office to plan the earliest ceremonies possible with alternate dates and locations. When considering in-person ceremonies, we want to be able to provide the best experience for you and your guestsand have the health and safety of our students in mind.

Why have some school districts conducted ceremonies and not UTA?

The commencement ceremonies at UTA are much larger in scale and include large national and international participation of families and guests. UTA is diligently working with the current guidance from the governor’s office to plan the earliest ceremonies possible with alternate dates and locations.

Where was my graduation package mailed?

Graduation packages were shipped to the permanent address listed in MyMav for Spring and Summer 2020 Graduates. This address will also be used to mail your diploma. Fall Graduates should expect graduation packages around the previously scheduled ceremony date, Dec. 17-19.

For Spring/Summer 2020 graduates, what if I did not get a package or it was damaged?

First, double-check the address inside MyMav. You may complete this form to double check the address, tracking information, and order replacement contents.

What if I already ordered my cap and gown?

The package included items that would assist in a celebration at home and allow for all students to participate in traditions remotely. The tassel and cap mailed to you does not have a cash value, however the UTA Bookstore will work with returns of some previously purchased items that are unopened.

What if I did not receive the correct tassel?

If inventory is available, the bookstore will exchange the tassel you received for the correct tassel. Please contact the bookstore for additional details. If going to the bookstore is not an option, please complete this form.

What if my name isn’t in the program?

For your name to appear in the Commencement program, your directory information must be unrestricted in MyMav. Additionally, candidates that apply after the Graduation Deadline for their semester will not be included in the printed program. A PDF of the program will be posted here. If you change your restrictions, it may be possible to add your name to the PDF version available at that link. Please complete this form to request an update to the online program.

Will there be any change to graduation and diplomas with the move to online instruction?

After grades are posted, students who successfully completed their degree plans will receive their diplomas by mail at the permanent address listed in MyMav. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the diplomas to arrive.

Will graduates still have an opportunity to take graduation portraits?

Yes. We have partnered with Flash Photography. Appointments can be scheduled from now until November 30. Schedule your graduate portrait session here.

What is the UTA Cheers to 2020 Graduates event and when will it be for Fall?

This is a virtual webcast celebration event to celebrate the 2020 graduates. Graduates will be honored as friends, family, and the entire UTA community from around the world celebrate virtually together through a brief program. The event will be streamed on the webpage and include messages from across campus, unique performances, special memories and the integration of #ForeverMaverick. Graduates will also be emailed as the event gets closer with details on how photos, videos, and shoutouts from family and friends can be incorporated. This is not a virtual ceremony with names being called or scrolling. More information to come, but the date is set for December 17, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.

Will my name be announced during the UTA Cheers to 2020 Graduates event?

No. This is a virtual webcast celebration event to celebrate the 2020 graduates. This is not a virtual ceremony with names being called or scrolling. We are reserving this special moment for when we can host an in-person ceremony.

How can I be included in the UTA Cheers to 2020 Graduates event?

The virtual event will be a celebration of all graduates and submissions of photos and videos from all students, family and friends are welcome. Also, please use hashtag #ForeverMaverick on social media.

If you have additional questions please email

Since the UTA Cheers to 2020 Graduates event is virtual, do I have to buy regalia?

Regalia is not required, but some students choose to purchase it as a memento and to take graduation pictures. Graduates will receive a box with a college specific tassel and graduation cap in the mail to celebrate remotely.