Data Science Program FAQs

How is this program different from other Data Science offerings?

Our program is committed to supporting multiple disciplines and being applicable in many areas of scientific research. Typical business school data science programs are more focused on specific skills and knowledge skills to inform decisions and solve problems in a corporate environment and are less focused on the science. UTA’s College of Science Data Science degree plans emphasize the scientific and theoretical aspects of data science, while also applying techniques for workplace integrations. Furthermore, UTA’s collaborative approach offers a chance for students and faculty from many different science disciplines to use data to tackle real world problems from a variety of angles and perspectives.

I’m already doing Science, how can I get into Data Science?

You’re off to a great start and chances are your academic progress will translate into progress towards a Data Science bachelor’s degree because of UTA’s intentional multidisciplinary approach. All Data Science majors take UTA’s core classes, plus course work in a scientific area of emphasis, and the required DATA classes as part of their degree plan. The bachelor’s program culminates with a capstone project – either an internship in industry or a research project in the university.

Because of the format of the Data Science program, there are many paths to fit a variety of needs, including Data Science with a minor in a scientific field, double majors or a traditional science major with a data science minor. You have the option to mix and match to get the data science knowledge and a degree that’s appropriate for you and your interests. Contact an advisor to see what your path to Data Science might look like.

Can I minor in Data Science?

Absolutely. Since the fall of 2020, UTA has offered a Data Science minor. The program is designed to prepare students in various major degree programs to obtain skills and knowledge that have high value in the job market. Data scientist and similar job titles have consistently ranked highly in lists of “top 10 jobs” compiled by national news outlets in recent years. Advantages in the job market are especially likely when the Data Science minor is combined with strong quantitative preparation in the student’s major.

What types of internships are available nearby?

The field is growing and the list of companies with internship opportunities is ever changing, but past postings for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, or within a 50-mile radius of UTA’s campus, include Blackberry, Celanese, Ericsson, IBM, Mary Kay, PepsiCo, Sabre and others.

Is financial aid available?

UTA provides need-based financial aid and scholarships to qualified individuals. Incoming domestic students are encouraged to fill out a FAFSA to determine need-based aid. A listing of current UTA scholarships is available in the Mav ScholarShop.

Scholarship recipients who are nonresidents of Texas or citizens of a country other than the United States of America may be eligible to pay the in-state tuition rate if they are offered a competitive scholarship through UTA. The competitive scholarships that may be considered for an out-of-state tuition waiver must be a minimum of $1,000 for the period of time within the academic year covered by the scholarship, not to exceed 12 months. Please note that the out-of-state tuition waiver is not guaranteed, is contingent upon funding and may vary in availability.