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What is Data Science?

Data science is a discipline that leverages scientific and mathematical analysis of data sets, as well as human understanding and exploration, to derive science and business insights from big data. Since the beginning of the new millennium, advances in digital data collection, storage, and computational instruments has led to accumulation of massive amounts of data, most of which have yet to be refined and analyzed.

This dramatic increase in the amount of data being generated has forced many companies and businesses worldwide to find employees who, in addition to expertise in a specific field, would be able to collect, refine, visualize, and analyze raw data from multiple heterogeneous resources and make a scientific or business conclusion based on the available data.

Such interdisciplinary skills cannot be attained by training in any of the traditional fields of science, engineering, business, or finance. Data science experts are needed in almost every field, and the demand shows no indication of decreasing. In addition, careers in data science often offer salaries that are much higher than the national average.



The College of Science currently offers two flexible degree plan options in Data Science, as well as an option for a minor:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Data Science with an emphasis in a science field (Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology);
  • Minor in Data Science, which can be paired with an existing major. Your course schedule may vary based on transferable credits or credits earned.
  • Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics and Data Science (ASDS)