B.S. in Data Science

Students who wish to obtain a B.S. degree in Data Science must complete 120 hours of course credits, which must include the following: 

46 hours in UTA Core curriculum courses 
23 hours in the student’s scientific area of emphasis (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology) 
08 hours of science elective with lab 
18 hours of Data Science Foundations 
16 hours of Data Science Core courses 
09 hours of Data Science Capstone courses 

DATA Science Foundations

UNIV-SC 1131 Student Success 
DATA 1301 Introduction to Data Science 
DATA 3401 Python for Data Science 1 
DATA 3402 Python for Data Science 2 
MATH 3316 Statistical Inference 
MATH 3313 Introduction to Probability 

DATA Science Core

DATA 3421 Data Mining, Management, and Curation 
DATA 3441 Statistical Methods for Data Science 1 
DATA 3442 Statistical Methods for Data Science 2 
DATA 3461 Machine Learning DATA Science Capstone 

Additionally, students in the bachelor’s program will complete a capstone project – an internship in industry or a research project at the University – which provides hands-on work in a particular domain. 

DATA Science Capstone

DATA 4380 Data Problems 
DATA 4381 Data Capstone Project 1 
DATA 4382 Data Capstone Project 2