At the Event

Expressing your beliefs is important but so is staying safe. We have compiled a list of peaceful ways to send your message and how to deal with messages you might not like.

Counter Demonstration

Organize a demonstration to illustrate your opposition to the point of view being presented by the other group. The Office of Student Organizations can assist.


A very powerful tool to send a message of opposition is to deny a speaker and/or event your attendance. Controversial speakers are usually trained to provoke their audience and if the audience does not exist it creates a challenging situation for the speaker and/or organizers to create the dissension they desire.

Stand Up and Turn Around

Another option is to force the speaker to speak to your back. Most speakers need to feed off the audience and the controversy they create. By turning your back you remain present but still send a message of opposition. This can only be done if you are not obstructing the view of other attendees who want to see the speaker.

Tape Your Mouth

Another effective message you can send at an event is to place tape over your mouth to indicate you have been silenced. This can also mean you are sending a message that you oppose the view but are demonstrating your peaceful resistance to the message.


Many students create t-shirts to send a message and create a community of solidarity around the issue they support or disagree with.

Carry signs

students can hold their own signs to counter picket the message being brought to the university.


You may want to create your own flyers to support your efforts. It is always important to make sure your message is communicated effectively.

More speech

You can counter unpleasant or offensive speech with more free speech, better speech, and with more accurate speech. Use your right to free expression to condemn hateful and other ignorant speech.

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